Dr. Toni Francisco's Testimonial This is my story: I was a practicing physician for over 30 years, healthy as a horse, one might say. Perhaps there was no other doctor more busy. I kept working taking comfort in the thought that I had no risk factors for serious diseases. As fate would have it, one day without warning, while examing a patient, I had a heart attack. It was then, six years ago, that my life changed. Following the heart attack, I was plagued with numerous complications including a severe infection all of which working together almost succeeded in claiming my life. My recovery period was a very slow one. Despite the good medical care I received, my health was never good enough to allow me activities of pleasure or continuation of my professional life. In short it was no life at all. A few months ago, I attended a health presentation where I learned about the Biophotonic Scanner. I was already taking supplements at that time so I had myself scanned for curiosity. To my surprise my initial score was only in the range of 28,000. I then, skeptically, decided to switch to Pharmanex products. Whatever the case, LifePak seemed to have helped me in a really spectacular way. After only three weeks my angina and leg pains significantly improved. My energy level increased. After six weeks on LifePak my score went up to 33,000. My renewed stamina appeared to be in direct proportion to the increase in my score. After another four weeks my score was up to 48,000, then 50,000 after another three weeks. Now I am able to exercise and walk for 2 to 3 km without experiencing pain. This is a far cry from my former condition of being homebound and using a chairlift instead of climbing stairs. What is more - I passed my stress test with flying colours! I often wonder if my health problems could have been prevented if in my younger years I had the knowledge of antioxidants and started taking the proper supplements back then. Now, in so far as my experience has value, it seems clear to me that I should share it with others who have similar symptoms as I had. They are entitled to know that there might be an alternative way to relieve their suffering. Of course by sharing this experience I am not suggesting that the measures I have taken would replace traditional medicine. Rather, it is an addition to what is today regarded as acceptable medical practice. To folks of all ages, my advice is no different from what a health-conscious individual might do: eat the recommended diet, exercise, make necessary lifestyle changes and yes - take a 'comprehensive' and 'bioavailable' supplement - LifePak. Toni Francisco, BScN, M.D.